Software developer, hobbyist gamedev and a guy with a website.

About me

Hi, I'm Rūdolfs and you are reading a blurb about me. Coding was a hobby, now it's a $dayjob. I'm comfortable with Flutter and Unity. Listing programming languages is irrelevant, with enough patience you can pick anything up.

Ražots Latvijā



I haven't made games in a while, so the GitHub is the most interesting place to look at.

My projects

HA/CK Remastered

First-person hacking inspired puzzle game with an emphasis on level mastery. Compete for the best scores and times amongst your friends or the entire Steam Community.

The old HA/CK

Portal-inspired puzzle game where you complete levels by using magic hacking. A remastered version of this game is available on sale.


A set up and forget open-source tool for Windows that automatically records a timelapse your screen when you're working. Has a negligible footprint while recording as it captures frames rarely.

Shenanigans Multiplayer (X)

The project initally was just a simple multiplayer test that I published for whatever reason, but it seems that there is a large enough audience for people who just want to mess around in a multiplayer environment, so I decided to make two of these for some reason.

Other projects

I've made various kinds of projects. I publish on GameJolt, itch.io and GitHub, so you can find the rest there - links are in the 'About me' section. (or here, if you're on mobile, so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top)

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